If you have a loved one that you think may be experiencing memory difficulties and would like to have them tested, we would love to help you in this process. A trained member of our staff will administer a MMSE test at no charge in the home of your loved one. Call today to arrange a meeting: (804) 614-6193.

Heart Home Care is currently implementing a new training program for our caregivers, specifically directed to our clients with dementia/alzheimers. This program will include “Spirit” and “Energy” workshops for our caregivers in a peaceful atmosphere. They will learn breathing techniques, proper fluid intake and the importance of thinking good and positive thoughts to enrich their own lives and equip them with the necessary tools in caring for someone with dementia/alzheimers. They will learn the process of energy in their own bodies, known as Chakra and how to bring themselves to a place of peace quickly in any disturbing situation they encounter.

It is my firm belief that one must possess love and kindness for themselves before they can give that to others. By teaching our caregivers how to bring themselves to a place of peace no matter what is going on around them or in their lives will aid them in being a best friend and caregiver to those they care for.

Simple breathing exercises reduces stress and brings immediate peace. So many who suffer from dementia experience “sun downers”. They are most anxious when the day starts to end and the sun is not as bright. Our caregivers will be trained to speak positive,  kind words and allow their energy to radiate around the client while encouraging the client to take deep breaths. Positive words spoken in kindness and the soft touch of someone who the client looks to as a friend will soon dissolve the stress level and anxiety the client is experiencing.

The more positive thoughts that are spoken, the more of the same will come. Those with dementia need help in this area. They tend to get stuck on a negative vibe, however, with time and energy, they will soon be out of a stressful mindset and be able to relax and enjoy themselves. Feeling good is the most important thing in life. When one feels good, their life is improved no matter what state they are in.

My heart is tender towards those with dementia and I believe we can make a positive difference in their lives. If you have a loved one suffering from dementia, and need a break, please call us today and let us help bring peace into your home and theirs.